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Julie Hall Perth WA 6 May, 2019 Had a great weekend out with the float which easily carried my big boy and his even bigger buddy. My companion for the day was expecting a sweaty horse as he usually scrambles around corners and gets a bit bothered. Hey presto, there was nothing on him. Bone dry and happy. He even started trying to get back on the float before we were ready and I had to quickly grab him before he throttled himself . Lady also commented on how well it tows. I think know she understands why I was hell bent on getting it.

Leonore Waugh Sydney, NSW I bought a Longreach about 7 years ago because my daughter's pony was a scrambler. When I first bought it, I put the pony chest bar on the front, the gaskin bar behind and stood in the front of float while husband drove pony around the block. ( I know ..

Karen Gall Have had our Winton for around 15 years we had a couple of horses that were terrible scramblers . Never had a horse scramble in it . It's done a lot of hard miles might have to put it in for a Reno!

Lynelle Young I love my JR float most of the time it was just me its so easy to hitch by myself, the horses self load and one horse loved going out so much she would pack a tanti if she was left behind. I wouldn't have any other float

Paula East NSW Hi, I'm onto my second JR a Longreach, and believe in them so much when my first one a Winton was back up for sale we were lucky enough to get it for my niece, so she and her horse would be safe and her mare would never have scrambling issues or get panicked.I and my horses are onto our 2 nd JR, I had had bad experiences with horses and floats and never wanted to go there again! Until I researched and discovered the JR's. Very happy and confident because of the design and the way they tow
I know my horses will never scramble or become panicked in them.The only float I recommend!!

Ken Wheeler Yes I followed my wife one day when she was towing our old float and around corners our horse was scrabbling like crazy. My wife always said he scrambled but I didn't believe it was that bad until I saw it for myself! Since we've had our Jr Longreach he travelles soooo much better

Laura Kellond We have a JR Easy Traveller Winton and would not be without it they sure do make the horses feel at ease, they can stand better for balance our horses always travel well even the yearlings

Sally Krohn Best float I ever bought. I live in Kilmore happy to take your horse for a ride if you want to try it out

Eliza Priddle As a professional trainer I would never travel my horses in anything else. They can spread, balance and are fully supported for a relaxing and comfortable ride. There and no better floats. The finish is outstanding and the resale value is amazing !
Don't bother with anything else.

Dorena Black I bought a Condamine for my horse who was a terrible scrambler....never looked back. He travels happy and safe now and arrives calm and sweat free wherever we go!
A few years ago I started training my then 2 year old filly to travel. I never even had to train her! She self loads, is patient to exit and is settled while traveling which I attribute to this fantastic float design!

Pam Smith J R Floats are the best on the market - our Condamine has been back and forward from Qld ,NSW and Vic carrying our Clydesdales for 10 years and is still as good as the day we bought it.
There's not one scuff mark as they've never scrambled .
We've recommended these floats to a lot of people because of their design and structural integrity.

Kim Dunda Latter I bought my JR Condamine a few years ago, second hand, and its the best float I have ever had. I have had a truck, two horse angle, three horse angle, extended straight load of a different brand and now I have this float as the other options just weren...See More

Julie Rod Hammond Ive Owned a Jr Easy Traveller for 10 yrs, In that time I have Had a lot of Horses With floating Issues Namley Race Horses as we Trained , I Highly Recommed These Floats as time and time again It has Amazed Me and Others , Not One Horse has scrambled ...See More

Violet Lovenfosse Hi Kate. As you know, my JR (Winton) was the best wedding present ever! LOL. For the past 15 years it has helped me teach many humans and horses of ALL sizes how to float safely. Wish I looked and performed as smoothly 15 years down the track! Yes, the...

Nicola Riseborough Bought a 2nd hand Longreach 4 years ago, my horses travel comfortably, happy & contented - have looked at many other straight load floats & noticed the sidewall next to the horses rear leg was scuffed badly in most of them from horses scrambling or try...See More

Charmayne Hales 
My horse was a terrible scrambler. Even going 10kms around the corner, I decided to by the JR and never had a problem with scrambling again.
My other horse who was a good floater and turned into a terrible floater became terrific again due to my JR.

Linda Dewar Beaudesert QLD Love my JR and our nervous horse who tried to run backwards out of the float, stood calmly after his first ride with the bum bar open! Great people to deal with also! 👍😁❤️

Tee Ryan I have a chronic scrambler, a big horse who subsequently developed bad floating behaviour, to the point of dangerous. I tried/hired and borrowed many floats of many sizes and styles none compared with JR!!
I now have a self loading happy horse when floating. In my experience these floats are everything they say they are and more. I am more than happy for you to pm me if you have any questions! 😀

Tracey Mercuri I've had my JR Longreach for the past 3 months.
The advice I received from Katie and Matt was invaluable! Australian made, a design that has loades of features and the safest floats to carry precious cargo. I was lucky enough to have a JR owner load my horse on to her float to take my scrambler for a test drive.( I had never met this woman before. Her generosity with information and assistance was equal to the JR team). My scrambler no longer scrambles couldn't believe the difference! It's not Hype .... these floats are fantastic and deliver the safest experience.
Will never buy anything but a JR!


June 2018 from Peter

Hi Matt. We made it home in no time. It tows brilliantly & everyone is in awe at the quality of the build. I can't thank you enough for your patience with K... ( I know she can be a pain in the arse LOL) but she is over the moon with her new float and can't wait to load up and go.  "People, if you want the best then Matt is your 'go to man; nothing is a problem day or night & the quality is second to none!" (JR Tamworth Deluxe with living).

6/6 2018  Peter from  Taree, NSW